PicoCTF_2017: Much Ado About Hacking

Category: Reverse Engineering Points: 165 Description:

In a lonely file, you find prose written in an interesting style. What is this Shakespearean play? What does it have to say? How could one get it to produce this ending?


Some would say that Shakespearean english is an... esoteric language I swear that this play compiles. However, there are different versions of the shakespeare language. If you get errors when you run spl2c on MuchAdoAboutHacking, then you need to use a different version of the language. There is a fixed version of the language here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1948372/compiling-and-executing-the-shakespeare-programming-language-translator-spl2c-on


SPL is a special language, designed with Shakespeare in mind. Using something like the fixed version of spl2c helps compile it to readable C code. Afterwards, just fill in the result originally given by the question.

$ g++ -o test test.cpp 
$ ./test

Therefore, the flag is Its@MidSuMm3rNights3xpl0!t.