EasyCTF_2018: Starman 1

Category: Programming Points: 80 Description:

Starman has taken off in search of a team to help him win EasyCTF! He's reached the asteroid belt, which everyone knows is the best place in the galaxy to find cybersecurity talent. Each asteroid is home to one superstar hacker. Starman wants to take all of the hackers back to Earth to help him with the competition, but unfortunately this isn't practical - all of the hackers are very attached to their asteroid homes, and won't go back to Earth unless Starman agrees to take the asteroids with him. Furthermore, each hacker has a skill rating r. To ensure a win in EasyCTF, Starman wants to maximize the sum of the rating values of his team members.

There are N hackers, and Starman's Roadster can carry up to W pounds of additional weight. Help him decide which hackers to bring home.

Input Format The first line contains two integers N and W. The following N lines each contain two integers r_i and w_i, representing the skill and weight of the ith hacker. (w_i is the sum of a hacker and their asteroid's weight).

1 <= N, W <= 2000
1 <= r_i, w_i <= 10000

Output Format A single integer, the best sum-of-ratings Starman can achieve while keeping the total weight added to his Roadster less than or equal to W.

Sample Input

5 15
6 7
3 4
3 5
10 11
8 8

Sample Ouput



This challenge involved the Knapsack Problem of dynamic programming. Thankfully, there are already implementations online and I just modeled my solution over a few of them.

Therefore, there is no flag.