PicoCTF_2017: TW_GR_E4_STW

Category: Web Exploitation Points: 200 Description:

Many saw the fourth installment of Toaster Wars: Going Rogue as a return to grace after the relative mediocrity of the third. I'm just glad it was made at all. And hey, they added some nifty new online scoreboard features, too!


Ooh, what a nifty scoreboard! If we get a bunch of people playing at once, we can have a race through the dungeon!


Execute this command right under Level 3 staircase to move up twice :D

socket.emit("action", {type: "move", direction: 2});
socket.emit("action", {type: "move", direction: 2});

Therefore, the flag is im_still_upset_you_dont_get_to_keep_the_cute_scarves_in_the_postgame_a44703668b068b3fa9a7a83a8f466ace.