PicoCTF_2017: Looooong

Category: Miscellanous Points: 20 Description:

I heard you have some "delusions of grandeur" about your typing speed. How fast can you go at shell2017.picoctf.com:30277?


Use the nc command to connect! I hear python is a good means (among many) to generate the needed input. It might help to have multiple windows open


With an easily designed Python script, the flag prints out easily.

$ ./script.py 
To prove your skills, you must pass this test.
Please give me the 'b' character '563' times, followed by a single '5'.
To make things interesting, you have 30 seconds.

You got it! You're super quick!
Flag: with_some_recognition_and_training_delusions_become_glimpses_493092611815c4e8f8eee8df7264c4c0

Therefore, the flag is with_some_recognition_and_training_delusions_become_glimpses_493092611815c4e8f8eee8df7264c4c0.