GryphonCTF_2016: HARAMBE

Category: Web Points: 15 Description:

Harambe is love. Harambe is life Creator - Kelvin Neo (@deathline75)


A simple challenge this one, we just have to view the source to figure out the logic.

    if (empty($_POST["name"])) {
        echo '<script>alert("name variable is empty!")</script>';
    } elseif (empty($_POST["comment"])) {
        echo '<script>alert("comment variable is empty!")</script>';
    } else {
        echo 'Well done, here is your flag: ';

So we need to just POST comment and name variables into index.php.

        <div class="guestform">
        <h3>Leave your petition here</h3>
        Well done, here is your flag: GCTF{c0mm3n75_4r3_73rr1bl3_pl4c3h0ld3r5}          <h4>Someone keeps posting stupid comments, so the form is disabled for now.</h4>
            <div class="full-comment">
                <div class="name">

Therefore, the flag is GCTF{c0mm3n75_4r3_73rr1bl3_pl4c3h0ld3r5}