EasyCTF_2018: Teaching Old Tricks New Dogs

Category: Programming Points: 40 Description:

You can decode a Caesar cipher, but can you write a program to decode a Caesar cipher? Your program will be given 2 lines of input, and your program needs to output the original message. First line contains N, an integer representing how much the key was shifted by. 1 <= N <= 26 Second line contains the ciphertext, a string consisting of lowercase letters and spaces. For example: 6 o rubk kgyeizl You should print i love easyctf


Dead simple challenge,

ciphertext = input()

plaintext = ""
for c in ciphertext:
    if c == " ":
        plaintext += c
    plaintext += chr(((ord(c)-ord('a')) - N) % 26 + ord('a'))


Therefore, there is no flag.