CrossCTF_2017: Salted Hash Challenge

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I've logged in with my admin credentials: Admin username: john Admin password: moreThan10CharPassword I am supposed to get have admin privileges, but the webpage keeps telling me I am not admin. I must have configured something wrongly, can you help me? Please find the website hosted on


A challenge on mysterious salts. For this challenge, we have no clue what the salt is so trying to bruteforce it is ridiculous. Let's try something new, also known as a Length Extension Attack on hashes.

We will be using Hashpump to help us on this one, credits to (@kaikai) for solving this originally before I reworked my solution to actually work.


$ ./ 
<h1>Admin</h1>Here's your flag: CrossCTF{thIs_H@5h_iz_5Alty}

Therefore, the flag is CrossCTF{thIs_H@5h_iz_5Alty}.