PACTF_2017: Time Travel

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Our website links to many web pages. Once upon a time, one of them displayed the flag.


PACTF did not exist before 2015.


One of the sites that displays information that long ago, is PACTF's StatusPage. Looking at the hint, the flag has to be after 2016, so we search. At the end of the day, we get,

Apr 8, 11:05 - 17:48 EDT
This issue has been resolved. We thank you for your patience.
Also, someone time traveled back here to give you this: FLAG_3NJIE9CLDIUEWD8K7T8JT2YRQP7D3762.

Therefore, the flag is FLAG_3NJIE9CLDIUEWD8K7T8JT2YRQP7D3762.