PACTF_2017: Et tu, Brute?

Category: Points: 5 Description:

I found a message from Julius. Can you get the flag? Huk aopz pz aol mshn: clup_cpkp_cpjp_TqT2VK


Look up what a Caesar cipher is. Can you make sense of the encrypted text above? Once you do, enter the ‘flag’ in the text box below and check if you’re right!


We got a string, Huk aopz pz aol mshn: clup_cpkp_cpjp_TqT2VK. Using an online tool like, we can use an additional ROT19 to get the string And this is the flag: veni_vidi_vici_MjM2OD.

Therefore, the flag is veni_vidi_vici_MjM2OD.