GryphonCTF_2016: Mr Robot

Category: Forensics Points: 35 Description:

The sound is so deep for elliot Alternative (Faster) Download Link WARNING: 63 MB file Creator - Darren Ang (@Southzxc)


No files provided as it's a really big file. Download the file, ignore everything else. Extract the two WAVs and load the 58.3MB wav into SonicVisualiser. You see those two spikes? Well, don't worry. Add a spectrogram pane and look for the red lines in the timeline. Scroll to the red lines, zoom in, set window to 256 and 50% and viola, you found text.

black colors

Upon tireless copying, we get the password, BSXPeQrbG3HrG1in2VrU.

Opening the other WAV file in SonicVisualiser though, reveals nothing. Hmm... Sound is so deep for elliot... Mr Robot... Wait a second. I've never watched Mr Robot in my life but maybe googling 'Mr Robot WAV Steganography' will reveal something? Couple of searches later, we end up with a tool called DeepSound.

Putting the password into DeepSound and the 2nd WAV file, we get a hidden .DOCX file. Extracting it and opening it up gives us a cryptic The flag is not here, look harder. Opening Properties and going into Custom, we see a Flag property. Viola.


Therefore, the flag is GCTF{57364n06r4phy_15n7_7h47_h4rd}.