AngstromCTF_2018: Waldo 2

Category: Misc Points: 30 Description:

Now I have to find the Waldo among the Waldos! Man, if I looked at these 1 per 5 seconds, it would take me 42 minutes to find the odd man out. There must be a better way...


We find the unique jpeg, only to find out it's not a jpeg.

# md5sum * | sort -u -t' ' -k1,1
9f6e902c233020026caf0ebbb1cf0ff5  waldo339.jpg
ea7368fe0412bfa60cd5baf6a5c13fc9  waldo100.jpg
# file waldo339.jpg 
waldo339.jpg: ASCII text
# cat waldo339.jpg 

Therefore, the flag is actf{r3d_4nd_wh1t3_str1p3s}.