CTF Writeups

This repository contains the cumulative sum of all CTF competitions I have personally joined either as part of a team or as a solo player. All codes/works by me are licensed under the AGPLv3 license. In a nutshell, it's okay to steal my code but give a little credit to me ^_^.


This are all the CTF competitions I have participated in chronological order. Ranks/Scoreboards are as accurate as I could get them.

CTF Name Ranked
GryphonCTF 2016 2/19
PicoCTF 2017 23/12737
PACTF 2017 16/840 Bartik 33/838 Boole
HSCTF 2017 76/1055
CrossCTF 2017 4/57 Qualifiers 7/19 Finals
CSAWCTF 2017 174/1444 Qualifiers
EasyCTF 2018 2/1791 Finals
AngstromCTF_2018 22/741

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