PACTF_2018: Security Through Obscurity

Category: Lovelace Points: 50 Description:

We intercepted this message, but we can’t make heads or tails of it. It was rattled off so fast, too… How could anyone be that good at using a cipher? Anyway, here’s the message. Good luck! Tązhii, Łį́į́ʼ, Dzeeh Mąʼii, Dibé yázhí, Wóláchííʼ, Tłʼízí Tin, Dibé Mósí, Łį́į́ʼ, Dzeeh, Dibé, Tązhii, Dzeeh, Gah, Neeshchʼííʼ, Dzeeh, Béésh dootłʼizh


This one was fairly simple, utilizing what was essentially a Google search to obtain the necessary libraries for this challenge. Python script provided.

# ./ 

Therefore, the flag is CHESTERNEZ.

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