CrossCTF_2018: Quiet Moon

Category: Pwn Points: 996 Description:

Do you like vampires? nc 2901 Creator - amon (@nn_amon) quietmoon libc


This challenge was almost template format string attack. The approach to solving this challenge is as similar to my other previous format string attack writeups. I'll probably improve on the writeup further but for now, solution can be found here in Python.

# ./ 
[+] Opening connection to on port 2901: Done
[+] CrossCTF{about_thr33_th1ngs_1_w4s_abs0lutely_cert41n}
[*] Closed connection to port 2901

Therefore, the flag is CrossCTF{about_thr33_th1ngs_1_w4s_abs0lutely_cert41n}.

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