CrossCTF_2018: BabyRSA

Category: Crypto Points: 516 Description:

Each time I asked for the flag, it gets encoded through RSA. I'm lucky I kept all those values. Creator -- prokarius (@prokarius) out.txt


This challenge is relatively standard, a classic on Hastad's Broadcast attack in RSA.

# ./ 
Flag: crossctf{Ha5tad_ch4ll3nGes_aRe_Gett1ng_b0riNg_n0w_Eh}shittypaddingshittypaddingshittypaddingshittypadding

Therefore, the flag is crossctf{Ha5tad_ch4ll3nGes_aRe_Gett1ng_b0riNg_n0w_Eh}shittypaddingshittypaddingshittypaddingshittypadding.

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