CrossCTF_2018: BabyRSA 2

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Each time I asked for the flag, it gets encoded through RSA.... again... I'm lucky I kept all those values... AGAIN! Creator -- prokarius (@prokarius) out.txt


Initially, I thought this had to do with common modulus but the math, is really much more complicated than I had originally percieved. See, the constant here is the modulus and the plaintext, and the exponent is the one that changes.

It is a lot easier to do the calculations in Python.

# ./ 
crossctf{RSA_Challenges_Are_Too_Easy} Well I'm supposed to pad this bit with some stuff, but I'm not too sure what to put here, so therefore you'll get something from the RSA wikipedia page.

Therefore, the flag is crossctf{RSA_Challenges_Are_Too_Easy}.

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