CrossCTF_2018: Perfect

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'Cause we lost it all Nothin' lasts forever Creator - amon (@nn_amon) Update: this definitely works with python 2.7.15


A simple challenge, running the binary through strings give us a slight clue to the innards,

$ strings perfect
k = "".join([chr(random.randint(0, 255)) for i in range(35)])
xor(k, 754e26ccd4b1bfafb3ffbdaa748780b7f0e0c3ae9acc3c008670f0fafd34f8ffa596db)

So we have a random generator as well as a XOR key. Clearly the random generator cannot be truly random else it wouldn't make sense... would it?

Looking deeper into the mysteries of the binary, we find this chunk of code that seems to be key to solving the challenge,


We can create a script for this,

#! /usr/bin/env python3
import random
import binascii

def xor(a, b):
    b = binascii.unhexlify(b)
    x = ""
    for c, d in zip(a, b):
        x += chr(ord(c) ^ ord(d))
    return x

# Get perfect number
# Get key
k = "".join([chr(random.randint(0, 255)) for i in range(35)])
# Get flag
flag = xor(k, "754e26ccd4b1bfafb3ffbdaa748780b7f0e0c3ae9acc3c008670f0fafd34f8ffa596db")
print(f"Flag: {flag}")

Running the script gives us the flag,

# python 

Therefore, the flag is CrossCTF{why_am_1_aw4ke_r1ght_n0ww}.

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